pretty in pink :: kell's baby shower

welcome to the baby shower of mrs. kelly hamrick and her soon-to-be lil' bundle of joy, miss ella. the celebration took place this past monday night - we'd been dreaming up ideas for this one for weeks and finally, the time had come to decorate! our pretty in pink theme was just perfect!

in my line of work i get the opportunity to see many different ideas when it comes to party decor. this year, one of my favorite elements was the use of trees or branches to add height and define a party space. this particular arrangement and the other one that made up the 'well wish tree' were comprised of store bought decorative branches and ones from my own yard. the ones i found in the yard, i had to strip down, sand and then paint. i think they turned out cool and didn't cost a thing. mrs. brandee miller, the party host, thought they were pretty cool too because she ended up keeping this one for permanent display in their home!

oohhh baby - these were the hit of the party decor! these martha stewart tissue paper party balls were purchased at Walmart, of all places. for all of them it was under $20, which was well worth the investment seeing as they really set a sweet, comforting party vibe. i hung them with Zots, glue dots that come on a roll, the crafty alternative to glue sticks.

these cupcakes were courtesy of Jen at Indulge Cupcakes in downtown Puyallup. i'd stopped by on Sunday to drop off a few dvd packets for the Wedding Walk, took a few photos (be on the look out for those - ohhh they make my mouth water!) and a bit of 'girl talk.' Jen ended up sending me home with two boxes of cupcakes featuring the huge hit, Carmel Macchiato! big shout out to Jen - check them out in the shop or online at

the 'well wish tree' was my idea and it came out just as i'd planned. as the guests arrived, they were greeted with the tree and instructions on filling out a custom made 'wish tag' for both kelly and ella. the 20+ guests each did so, covering the tree with beautiful, hopeful messages for the new mom and lil' ella. kelly planned to read them all later that night with her husband - i'm sure they enjoyed seeing how much support and love that surrounds them.

meet dylan, i'd heard quite a bit about this lil' tike from his dotting aunties, carolyn and kim. i'd also heard a rumor that carolyn was trying to arrange a marriage between reese and him - hummm. mr. dylan got a hold of one of reese's tutus and ran a muck! dancing around in circles and screaming with delight! it was awesome and the best baby shower entertainment i've seen in months!

we had to see what she got! everyone loves baby stuff - especially toddlers - reese was more than willing to help ms. kell open her gifts.

ohhh baby! these are two of the hottest girls i know - now combine that with the fact that they sell cars for a living and it's all just too much to handle! meet jade, you might recognize her from the wedding of Amanda & Keaton back in august of this year. brandee recently hired jade as her assistant at Brotherton Cadillac - together they form one killer automotive sales team! you go girls!

meet all the borgert girls! michelle, wendy, carolyn and kim - and yes, carolyn and kim are twins! these women are quite the bunch - i've known carolyn the longest seeing as she's brandee and wally's kid (she's lived with them for years), then i met kim and recently i was introduced to wendy and michelle who are equally as energetic and entertaining as their sisters. i love them all and am honored to call them my friends.

this is called, 'belly full of cupcakes!' haha - reese has quite the sweet tooth and was very willing to help us polish of the remaining strawberry cupcakes. amazingly she went right to bed without a fuss must have been all that dancing with dylan!

i have the utmost faith in this young lady - kelly is an incredibly beautiful, intelligent and strong person who has grown into the woman she is today from many challenges in her life. personally, i believe that becoming a mother is one of the most dramatic changes a woman experiences in life. from the way your body adapts to the growing baby inside you to the way your mindset changes the moment that delicate little child is placed in your arms. the way you see the world is completely different and your purpose in life is clearly defined. i can't wait to meet lil' ella and watch as kelly settles into her most important role yet, that of mom.

oh geez - you know i didn't include a snap shot of the sweet invitations i made. they were what clearly defined the theme, covered in hot pink and black baby items - visulally stimulating and totally trendy. i'll dig up the layout and post it soon. one of the guests commented that they were better than most of the wedding invitations she gets, now that's what i'm talkin' about! hahaa!

hope you're planning to live it up this weekend! by that i mean spending tons of time with the ones you love - whether it's hittin' the town with just the girls or bundling up with your sweetie with a bottle of wine, cozy blankets and a crakling fire - soak up every minute and be thankful you've got them in your life! see you on monday!